How To Clean Your Christmas Ornaments

December 17, 2015

It's that time of year again. You've picked out the perfect Christmas tree, and now it's time to decorate it to the hilt. If you are like many other Americans, you've probably saved a ton of Christmas ornaments that are used on your tree each and every year, but those ornaments have a tendency to collect dust, dirt and grime over the years. Fear not, we have a few cleaning tips that will help you get those ornaments back to their original luster.

Glass, Plastic And Wooden Ornaments

For traditional glass, plastic or wooden ornaments, experts suggest using a lint-free, cotton cloth to wipe down the ornaments gently. The cloth alone should remove the largest share of the dust and debris. For more stubborn grime, use a glass cleaner and a soft cloth to gently remove the stains. Experts suggest spraying the glass cleaner onto the cloth instead of directly onto the glass ornament. Another option is to use a touch of Turtle Wax to gently buff the ornaments to a perfect shine.

Glitter And Crystal Ornaments

For more delicate ornaments, avoid using a cloth and wiping actions. By wiping the ornament, you'll remove the delicate glitter that has been added. Instead, consider using a feather duster to carefully remove the built up debris. After you've done a pass or two with a feather duster, remove trapped dust and debris with a swiffer pad. Gently tap the dry pad against the ornament to break the trapped dust away from the ornament.

Gold And Silver Ornaments

Gold and silver ornaments can be treated in the same fashion as a the glass ones above, but you'll want to avoid using any heavy cleaner as it can tarnish the plating. Instead of using glass cleaner or turtle wax to restore the shine, use a silver polishing cream. Work in small, circular motions, until the shine has been restored to the ornament.

After The Holidays

To keep your ornaments looking gorgeous for years to come, how you pack them matters. After the holidays, pack each ornament in an individual, plastic cup, then store the entire collection in a large, plastic container stuffed with newspaper or acid-free paper. This will ensure they are cushioned. Make sure you pick a climate control storage space, like a storage unit, to keep the ornaments from going through large temperature fluxes, which can break or weaken them.

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