How To Choose A New School For Your Children

August 6, 2015

When you’re moving long distance, there is a lot to consider. If you have children, it’s likely schools will be one of these major considerations. These tips can help make choosing a school a little easier.

Choosing A School When Moving

  • The first thing to think about is how your child learns best. We are lucky to have many different options when it comes to school education. Look for a school that you feel will meet your child's learning needs. You can consider a local public school, private school or a charter school.

  • Look for housing and schooling options together. Find a neighborhood or area you like, then research the schools and options in the area to see if there are choices that will suit your child. Coordinating housing and schooling before you move will help you get the right choice for everyone.

  • Ask around. Whether you look online for school and teacher reviews or you ask people you may know in the area, parents are going to be one of your best resources. Aside from parents, you may also want to check with real estate agents; they are usually a great resource for this type of information.

  • Sites like can help you determine certain things about schools in the area. These sites offer test scores and parent reviews. Just remember that just because a school’s test scores are high, it doesn't necessarily mean the school will be the perfect fit. Use the information as part of your overall research.

  • If it's possible, visit a school first. Visiting the school while classes are in session can help you get a good idea of how classes are set up and how teachers interact with students.

  • Once you’ve decided on schools, make sure you have everything you need to register your child. You can use the district or school website, or directly contact the school, then keep a file on hand with all the information they will need.

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