How To Avoid Damage Fees When Decorating Your Dorm Room

September 3, 2015

When you get to college, the first thing you want to do is make your dorm room seem more like home. To do this, you'll need to create a cozy, charming room out of a basic, bland dorm apartment. However, since it is a temporary housing arrangement, you don't want to mess up the walls or cause damage, or you'll be charged fees upon move-out at the end of the semester. Avoid charges by decorating your dorm room in damage-free ways.

  • Use a tension rod across a window to create a space to hang things. You can hang signs or other decorations, or hang up a shiny beaded curtain. This creates space to decorate, without doing any damage. You can also hang clothesline and hang photos up with clothespins.

  • Vinyl wall decals come in many shapes, sizes and designs and they apply easily to any wall, and then peel away when you're ready to remove them. They won't leave any lasting damage. Another option is peel-away wallpaper borders to decorate the edges of your room. These work the same way as vinyl decals.

  • Command hooks are an easy way to hang pictures and posters around your dorm room without leaving a hole or mark. They hang from strong adhesive, and come in different sizes for various uses.

  • Hang curtains that you like, and pick bedding that matches and complements each other to create a theme and pull the room together. Use toss pillows as accents in chairs and on the bed.

  • A colorful, cool rug is a fun way to add spice to your dorm room.

  • Washi tape can add pizzazz to anything, and it's removable. Use washi tape to decorate a plain desk or chair, or liven up a bulletin board or dry-erase board.

  • A fun option is peel-away chalkboard, which you can put on your wall and use as a messaging center between you and friends or your roommate.

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