Create A Wrapping Station In Your Home

December 3, 2015

When it’s time to wrap gifts for birthdays and holidays, finding where you stored your wrapping essentials from the last use can be quite hectic. Instead of letting last-minute wrapping give you a headache this year, try keeping your wrapping necessities in one spot. Create your own gift-wrapping workstation with these handy tips.


Start by propping up a pegboard in your desired spot, adding racks to hang up wrapping necessities. Decorative paper can also be attached to the racks with clothes pins. If you often have an abundance of wrapping to do, consider setting up a desk and chair under the pegboard. A desk is also a great way to store storage containers of other gift wrap décor.

Ribbon Storage

If you would rather keep your ribbons on top of a table or desk area, a paper towel holder will do the trick. Stack all of your ribbon spools on the holder, with the widest on the bottom, and narrowest on the top. If you use a paper towel holder with a handle, you will be able to transport it from place to place easier.

Wrapping Paper Storage

There are many creative ways in which you can store wrapping paper. One is to hang up tension rods, with wrapping paper rolls already on them, either on the wall, peg board, or under your desk. This will help you pull and cut the paper without it being damaged or torn.

Bins For Embellishments

Create small bins from small buckets or boxes to corral embellishments. These miniature buckets or boxes can be found almost anywhere from a dollar store to a craft store. This will help you to keep your stickers, small bows, gems, and even gift tags easily accessible in one spot.

Metal Bike Baskets

Another thing that comes in handy with gift wrapping is having boxes within arm’s reach. By hanging one or more vintage bike baskets on your peg board, you will be able to organize the boxes easily by size. You can even label them with chalkboard.

Instead of cluttering up a closet or room in your home, consider setting up your wrapping station in a storage unit. Contact Move It Self Storage today for your own climate-controlled storage unit rental. Once you’re finished wrapping gifts, your station can also double as a storage space for the presents, away from prying eyes.


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