Best Practices For Moving Electronics

July 29, 2015

Take a walk through your house. How many electronics do you have? If you are moving, you need to pack your electronics carefully so they arrive safely. You can use these guidelines to get your electronics to your new home without casualties.

Packing Electronics For Your Move

When packing a TV, computer, video game system, or stereo, these tips will help you keep them safe.

  • Pack your electronics in the original boxes, if possible. The original boxes, with included packing materials, were built to protect the electronic device to the maximum extent possible. If you didn't keep the original boxes, then select a box closest in size to the device. Do not use packing peanuts or bubble wrap when packing the box as they can conduct static electricity. Use pillows, towels, or blankets instead.

  • Be careful what you pack in with the electronics. Do not pack anything heavy with the electronic device as it could shift during transit and damage the device.

  • Label the boxes carefully. You should mark each box as "Fragile" and "Top Load Only." This tells the movers to use extra care with the box.

  • Keep the accessories and cables with the electronic device. It is so easy to lose the remote or the power cord. Put these small items in a plastic bag, then attach it to the device using painter's tape.

  • Take pictures of the cable set-up before removing them. The picture will make it easier to put things back together at your new place. You can also use stickers and labels to indicate which cables go where.

  • Remove loose items from inside the electronics. Loose items can damage the device. Things to look for include batteries in remotes, ink cartridges in printers, and DVDs/CDs in media players.

  • Make backups of computers and other devices with data storage before packing. Damage can happen during a move. You do not want to lose all your data if a hard drive gets damaged in transit.

  • Make sure you have adequate insurance protection for your electronics. This is especially true if you own high-end brand name equipment.

  • If you need to store your electronics before the move, make sure the box is kept in a climate controlled location. Electronics do not do well in extreme temperatures.

With these guidelines, your electronics should arrive at your new home in good condition and ready to be plugged in. If you need a place to store items before your move, give us a call here at Move It Self Storage. We have climate controlled units available that will keep your electronics safe until you move. We also offer packing materials and boxes at most of our locations.


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