9 Reasons Americans Move

November 3, 2015

If you're an American, you're likely to be on the move. Recent statistics show that a person in the U.S. will move 11.4 times during his or her lifetime, or approximately once every five years.

Each year, millions of people will relocate from their place of birth or current residence to a new location in the same city, state, country, or even abroad. The majority of those moves, however, will be made within the U.S.

So, why do Americans move so much? There are a variety of reasons.

Outgrowing Your Current Home

Homeowners typically find that their first home becomes cramped as new family members are added. Moving into a larger home becomes a necessity.

Marital Status

When you get married, it's only natural that one of you will move into the other's home, or that you'll find a new home together. And when couples split, someone will be moving somewhere else.

Your Home Outgrows You

If your children have left the nest and set out on their own, downsizing can become a realistic option. Keeping up with the maintenance and maintenance costs of a larger home can become a burden.

Neighborhood Changes

The neighborhood you once loved may take a turn for the worse both economically and socially. In some cases, conditions become so intolerable that finding a new home is the best option.


You've worked hard all of your life. Now, you want to reward yourself by relocating to a place where you can enjoy the rest of your days, perhaps to a warm, sunny locale where you've always dreamed of living.

Grass Is Greener

You're satisfied with your current home but you've always dreamed of living in a bigger, more luxurious house, or living in a more pleasant climate.

Health Issues

As you age, health issues like knee and back ailments can crop up and make living in a two-story home too challenging. This could necessitate a move to a one-story residence.

Pursuing A Dream

Perhaps you've decided you want to do what you've always dreamed of doing - exploring the world, pursuing a hobby, or surrounding yourself with just the right kind of people.

Job Relocation

Companies are fond of moving, or expanding operations, as well. When they relocate to another city or state, you may have to relocate to keep your current job. Also, you may find a better job in a different location, or relocate to be closer to the job you already have.

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