8 Non-Tangible Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything

November 25, 2015

Are you feeling stumped by a name on your gift list? When you're faced with the task of choosing a gift for the person who has everything, skip the mall and pick a non-tangible gift instead. Below, we're sharing 8 unique and nontraditional options.

Giving Your Time

When a family member says they don't want anything except time spent with you, they usually mean it. Instead of another tie or box of chocolates, give the gift of quality time. Plan a trip to the movies with a sibling or a dinner out with parents.

Entertainment Meets Technology

While books and CDs have been a longtime favorite for birthdays and holidays, technology is changing the way we get our entertainment. Instead of wrapping up the physical items, try purchasing online alternatives. After buying an ebook or an album of MP3s, email the link to your recipient.

Keep The Entertainment Going

Online television and movie subscriptions are taking over in place of cable television. With a few clicks, you can pay for a month of a Hulu or Netflix subscription. While the services will email a link with a gift card code, you can also print out a gift card to give in person.

Consider Their Interests

Do you have an aunt who loves to scrapbook? Find a craft course for her to take. Is your brother living on his own but can barely boil water? Give him the gift of a beginner's cooking class.

Offer Up Peace And Quiet

If your gift recipient is a parent, what they're really wishing for is probably a little peace and quiet. Give it to them! Offer to babysit for a few hours on a weekend so they can get away for a date night or an afternoon at the spa.

An Updated Gift Of Charitable Giving

While making a donation in a friend's name to a charity has been a popular option for some time, you can now make the gift a bit more interactive. Consider letting your loved one choose from the gifts at Heifer.org, an organization that gives animals to families as a way to work out of poverty.

Build The Family Tree

Several genealogy websites offer membership options for those who want to dig into their family history. The membership is great for the history buff on your list.

The Gift Of Organization

For the person who really does have everything, give the gift of a place to put it all. A storage unit rental is a great gift for those who are moving and want to skip adding more stuff to their packing list. For more information about your storage unit options, contact Move It Self Storage.


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