8 Clever And Inexpensive Ways To Store Your Ornaments

December 21, 2015

Packing away all your holiday decorations can be a big job. But it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. There are quite a few ideas for DIY ornament storage that use free or inexpensive items you may already have around the house and still offer protection for your precious memories.  

  • Egg cartons - Put one ornament in each space. Close and put inside a larger box. With the larger cartons, use one tray to hold ornaments and another tray on top.

  • Beer, wine or liquor cases - If you received a case as a gift or have an empty one from a holiday party, use it to store ornaments. The boxes are sturdier since they have to hold up to the weight of several glass bottles and there are already dividers inside.

  • Plastic cups and cardboard - Plastic cups are good for more than holding beverages at your holiday party. Make some inexpensive dividers by gluing them to a sturdy piece of cardboard. Place one or two ornaments inside each cup. Create layers and stack them inside a plastic or cardboard box. The cups will keep ornaments from moving around and breaking. But if something bad does happen, the mess will stay in the cup, preventing damage to other ornaments.

  • Plastic produce containers - Some are trays with compartments similar to egg cartons but bigger. Put one ornament in each space. Or you could put a few inside a berry container for protection; just wrap them first if they are fragile.

  • Coffee filters - Place them inside a box to divide it into compartments and place one ornament in each. They will also offer some protection.

  • Save packing materials - Save packing peanuts, bubble wrap or air filled cushioning material from holiday packages and reuse it to pack away ornaments. Or you can make some of your own by sealing zip top storage bags with lots of air trapped inside.

  • Save the original boxes - If you get an ornament as a gift, save the original box and the plastic inside for storage. This is especially good for oddly shaped ornaments.

  • Foam mattress pad - Repurpose a foam mattress topper and use it as padding around holiday ornaments.

Whichever method you choose, make sure outer boxes are sturdy or rigid to prevent crushing and that anything breakable has some protection inside the box as well.

If you find your holiday decorations are just taking up too much space in your home, Move It Self Storage has units that can accommodate a few decorations or an entire yard full. Give us a call.


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