6 Ideas For Easy Holiday Wreath Storage

December 23, 2015

Taking special care with your holiday decorations will help keep them from getting broken, crushed or destroyed. Large, bulky and uniquely shaped items — like holiday wreaths — can present a challenge when it’s time for storage. Try one of these storage solutions to keep your wreaths in top shape for years to come.  

Plastic Storage Box

You’ve probably seen large, round plastic boxes made just for wreaths. This is the best option if you have to store your wreath flat or where it will get moved around. They are rigid and close tightly, offering the most protection from moisture, pests and impact. Add a layer of bubble wrap or tissue for a wreath with delicate embellishments.

Cardboard Storage Box

These are more eco-friendly than plastic and are often made from recycled materials. They are octagon shaped with a lid and similar in weight to shipping boxes­. Cardboard boxes won’t seal as tightly as plastic boxes, but will offer some protection against crushing for flat storage. Add bubble wrap for extra padding.

Plastic Bags

Hanging your wreath means it is less likely to be crushed. Slide the wreath around a coat hanger or attach it with wire or zip ties. Slide a plastic bag over the top with the U-shaped part of the hanger sticking out. Secure the bag on the bottom. You could use garbage bags, giant zip-top bags, dollar store suit storage bags, or the large department store bags you get with hanging items. Hang the hanger on a curtain rod or hook. The bag will keep it from getting dusty.

Wreath Storage Bag

There are round zip up vinyl bags specifically for wreaths. These are soft sided and won’t protect against crushing, but will work well to keep out moisture and pests. Many are clear so you can see inside.

Storing Multiple Wreaths

Multiple wreaths can easily be stored by sliding them over a curtain rod. They won’t be covered so this works for wreaths changed frequently and stored in a climate controlled area. You could also stack a few wreaths inside a hat box. It isn’t as sturdy as a shipping box, but can work when wreaths won’t be moved around often.

A Coat Rack

Hang wreaths uncovered on the hooks or pegs, or you could use the plastic bag and hanger method above. You could add extra hooks to accommodate more wreaths or for spacing.

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