5 Ways To Entertain Kids On Long Car Rides

June 18, 2015

Summer is here and that means time for vacations and moving.

Both can potentially include long car rides. If you’re dreading the thought of being stuck in a car with the kids, try a few of these ways to entertain them.

  1. Toys - Let your child pick some and you can keep some to hand out when they start to get bored. Some suggestions are stuffed animals, small toy cars, finger puppets, portable drawing devices (like an etch-a-sketch, magna doodle, or invisible ink books), or travel games. You can buy travel versions of your family’s favorite board games, or you can make up your own.

  2. Busy books – These are custom, homemade activity books that can be especially effective for toddlers. They can have dry erase coloring pages or mazes, stickers, or homemade felt pages with dolls to dress, zippers and buttons to do or other parts that move. You can put in whatever you think will keep your child busy.

  3. Snacks – They can’t fight while they’re chewing, right? Bringing your own means you won’t have to stop as often and snack time can happen whenever they’re done playing or need to change activities, even if you’re in the middle of nowhere. If you can include an activity related to the snack it will keep them busy a little longer. For example, Cheerios and mini pretzels and a new shoestring or pipe cleaner can make edible bracelets or necklaces.

  4. Magnet boards – A cheap cookie sheet with letter and number magnets or you can make your own magnets with pompoms or your printer

  5. Craft supplies – Obviously, you don’t want anything messy. Instead, give them something open-ended like a package of pipe cleaners, a roll of aluminum foil, or string for string figures or games. Kids can make whatever kind of 3D art they want and it will keep them busy for a long time.

Other Tips

  • Don’t give them everything at once. Reserve a few “surprises” for when they get bored.

  • For young children find a rest area with a playground or open area to run around, if you can wear them out enough to nap, that will be one less hour you’ll have to keep them busy.

  • No parent wants their kids zoning out on 6 hours of screen time. Use that portable device with the movie or music as a reward for a few hours of good behavior instead.

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