5 Ways To Decorate A Locker

August 21, 2015

The first day of school is usually met with sleepy, bored kids who would rather be at home playing video games and sleeping in. However, heading to a brand new locker means that kids get the chance to customize their new space and make it their own. Here are some fun and easy ways to decorate a locker without spending too much.

  1. Magnets - Nothing cheers up a locker like magnets. Use magnets with funny sayings or images on them. You can also make your own magnets, or grab hooks with magnetic backs and use them to store sunglasses or keys.

  2. Chandelier - Cute and fun, tiny locker chandeliers are a fashionable trend. These little chandeliers come in many colors and styles, and hang from the top of the interior of the locker to give it a chic and elegant look. Some of them actually even light up.

  3. Storage Bins - Magnetic storage bins stick to the sides of the locker and the inside of the locker door, creating plenty of space for pens and pencils, lip balm, a hair brush, breath mints, markers, or anything else your kid may need throughout the day.

  4. Locker Wallpaper - Gone are the days when we papered our lockers with our favorite celebrities. Now, kids can deck out their lockers in designer locker wallpaper cut specifically to fit the inside of school lockers. This easy to apply wallpaper comes in a wide assortment of colors and styles, from animal print to damask, chevron, or floral.

  5. Cork Board/Mirror - DIY a corkboard by dressing up one from the craft store, and securing a magnetic strip to the back, creating the perfect spot for your student to keep important notes and messages.

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photo credit: 1.29.15 Lockers via photopin (license)

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