5 Things To Do Before You Pack For Your Next Move

July 2, 2015

Moving is almost always a stressful proposition. If you know that you are going to move to a new place in the next few months, take the time to make the process easier and less of a hassle. Use this following list to get started.

Things To Do Before Packing

Here are five items you can do starting right now before packing everything up:

  1. Purge and declutter. You do not want to move things that you no longer use. It is a waste of time and money. Take the time before the move to get rid of anything you are no longer using. The easiest way to do this is by tackling one room at a time. Throw out things no one can use. Donate or give away the things others may use. If you find things you want to keep, but do not use very often, box them up.

  2. Organize what remains. After you declutter and purge, organize what remains. This will make packing easier. That way you know that everything that belongs in one space will get packed into the same box and end up where it belongs in your new home.

  3. Deep clean as you go. While purging and organizing, start cleaning. For example, take everything out of your closet. Purge what you no longer use. Pack up the items you will not need before you move. Before putting anything back into the closet, clean it from top to bottom. Now, you don't have to worry about deep cleaning that area in the midst of moving.

  4. Start collecting packing materials. Brand new moving boxes can be expensive. Look for used boxes online. You can find companies that rent or sell these boxes. You may also find them on Craigslist or other local sites. Don't try to use boxes that are broken down or compromised in any way. Buy new specialty boxes for wardrobe and delicate items.

  5. Return all borrowed or rented items. You do not want to get someone else's items mixed in with yours when you’re packing. As you are purging, if you find something that belongs to someone else, return it. If you rented an item, make sure you get it back before you start packing. And don't forget to get items that were borrowed from you. And don't forget your dry cleaning before moving.

If you can get these items done before you have to start packing, you will find that moving is not as stressful as it would have been. If you find you need to store a few things before moving, contact us here at Move It Self Storage. We also carry a variety of packing materials to help with your move.


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