5 Child-Friendly Christmas Crafts

December 8, 2015

With Christmas just around the corner, you may want to plan fun activities for your children to get into the spirit. Help them to have pride in the decorating process by helping them create these cute Christmas decorations.


Start off by using decorative paper to cover toilet paper rolls. You will also need to have your child cut a triangle, two big ovals, and two smaller ovals out of brown construction paper, for a face and ears. Glue the small ovals inside the big ones, and glue the ears onto the triangle. After you have glued the googly eyes and the pom-pom nose onto the face, you can glue the face onto the center of the tube. Antlers can be made from pipe cleaners.

Cardboard Tube Wreath

Another great way to recycle your cardboard tubes is to create a fun holiday wreath with your children. Have them paint 3 cardboard rolls and a paper plate green. You will then need to help your child cut each tube into four pieces, and glue them around the paper plate. Finish the wreath off by gluing on decorative red buttons, as well as a bow.

Popcorn and Cranberry Garland

Pop some plain popcorn ahead of time, so it can begin getting stale and less prone to crumbling, and purchase regular cranberries from the fruit aisle. Colorful beads will also work, if you’d rather not use fresh fruit. You will then need to double-thread a needle. Lastly, you can help your children string the popcorn, cranberries and/or beads in the desired patterns. These garlands can be hung around the top of the fireplace, or even around the Christmas tree for fun décor.

Homemade Stockings

Begin by cutting sock shapes out of two pieces of felt. Leaving the top open, glue the edges of the felt shapes together. For extra embellishment, you can glue rickrack around the edges. You can also cut out other felt shapes to glue on to the stockings.

Shooting Star Ornaments

Start by having your child cut out a circle from your choice of felt or paper. Then, starting at the edge, help them to cut a spiral into the center of the circle. Let your child decorate with any kind of glitter, confetti, or markers for extra pizazz. Next, cut out a star, around two inches wide, and make a tiny hole in the top of it. Lastly, glue the star to the spiral, and it will be ready to hang on your tree.

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