5 Alternatives To The Traditional Back Pack

August 19, 2015

Sadly, summer doesn't last forever, and once August comes around, most of us are back-to-school shopping for notebooks, pencils, glue sticks, and of course, backpacks. However, these days, backpacks aren't the only way kids can transport their books and other school supplies. Here are a few alternatives to backpacks.

  1. Messenger Bag - A messenger bag has a long strap that goes across your body. These large, roomy bags come in a variety of materials, colors and designs, and may take some of the weight off your child's shoulders. They distribute weight evenly and often have lots of small storage pockets for pens, pencils, wallets, etc.

  2. Tote Bag - You can easily grab a tote bag by its long handles and carry it from place to place. Tote bags are wide and have plenty of space to store everything from books to pencil cases. They often come in a wide range of sizes and designs for students to pick from.

  3. Purse - An oversized purse makes a cute school bag for middle to high school students. Girls can choose a large, fashionable purse and make it pull double duty as a school bag.

  4. Satchel - Satchels leave boring backpacks behind with smooth leather designs, cute cloth options, or lightweight nylon styles. They work for boys or girls and can simply slip over the body and be worn like a messenger bag though some satchels have handles.

  5. Roller Bag - Take a load off with a roller bag, a school bag on wheels. These don't have to be unattractive, with plenty of roller bag options, including luxe quilted leather bags on wheels and colorful canvas bags in various prints and designs. These are also great because your child doesn't have to worry about the back, shoulder and arm fatigue that comes with wearing a traditional backpack.

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