4 Ways To Avoid The Moving Money Pit

November 19, 2015

When it’s time to make a move, deciding on how to transport all of your belongings is likely at the forefront of your mind. While some rely on family and friends, others lean on the expertise of a moving company. Yet the fee paid to such a company won't cover all of your moving costs. There are plenty of hidden moving expenses that can quickly turn into a money pit.

Heavy Items Fee

If you have any possessions that are extraordinarily bulky, your moving company might charge you extra to relocate them to your new digs. Examples include pool tables, entertainment centers, ovens and the like. Some companies will even charge you more money on top of the bulky item fee if they have to carry these heavy objects up a flight of stairs.

Long Carry Fee

If you live in a crowded neighborhood where movers can't park a truck close to your door, they might charge you a long carry fee. This typically happens in big cities where space is at a premium. Yet it also occurs in areas where sheds block the truck's access or if there is a narrow doorway leading up to the home.

Hoisting Fee

Those who own large items that can't fit through the doorway might be charged a hoisting fee. Such items must be dismantled in order to be moved from one location to another. Sometimes, it is necessary to move these items out through the window.

Extra Stops Fee

If you direct your moving men to make an extra stop or a series of stops on the way to or from your new home, they might charge an extra fee. Oftentimes, people want additional items to be picked up or dropped off while they make the trip to their new home. Far too many assume that this will be free of charge. Nowadays, most moving companies aren't flexible enough to make even a single stop without tacking on an additional fee.

If you are planning a move or just made a move, you are likely a bit shocked at just how much stuff you own. Instead of moving all those items to your new home where they'll take up precious space, consider storing them at Move It Self Storage. Our storage units are fully secure, climate controlled and available to you around the clock.


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