10 Tips For Keeping Your RV Efficient And Organized

September 15, 2015

The limited amount of space inside an RV makes it necessary to gain efficient use of every possible inch. Life on the road will also be better when you are well organized because you’ll need to spend less time cleaning up. Here are some organizational tips that are easy for anyone to use, yet will make spending time in your RV more enjoyable.

1. Use magazine holders to keep cling wrap, tin foil, cutting boards, and cleaning supplies neat. You could even have one magazine holder stocked with paper plates and cutlery to make serving meals easier.
2. Give each family member a stackable drawer to place clothes in. This eliminates the need for suitcases, as each person can remove the drawer when packing and unpacking.
3. Hang a small net underneath your cabinets for storing fruits. This will keep them handy, yet eliminate clutter from countertops.
4. Install wire shelves upside down along the wall of your bathroom to create cubbies that could then be used for storing towels or toiletries.
5. Use hanging shoe organizers throughout your RV to keep items you use often handy. You could place one on your shower curtain for holding toiletries, or use another to hold art supplies or tools.
6. Mount magnetic strips along the wall of your kitchen to use for holding knives, scissors, or other metal utensils.
7. Place brackets on your ceiling so you can easily slide your broom, mop, or other long-handled cleaning tools into them. You could even attach a small PVC pipe to your ceiling for placing scrub brushes in.
8. Turn a shower caddy into a holder for your first-aid supplies to ensure you can always find them whenever you need them. This idea works really well whenever you store things such as bandages or medicines inside repurposed Altoids containers or prescription pill bottles.
9. Use a tension rod in a corner of your RV to hold paper towels or trash bags. A tension rod placed underneath your sink can also be used to hold pots and pans using shower curtain rings.
10. Invest in some clear bins for keeping pantry items. Not only will this keep them from rolling around, but it will also help you better determine what you need whenever it’s time to go shopping.

These ideas will keep you well organized; however, you may still need seasonal storage space for some of your camping supplies or your RV itself. If so, please contact Move It Self Storage.


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