10 Things To Know Before Embarking On A Move

July 9, 2015

Your lease is running out in a few months. You just got a promotion and need to move across country. Your first job is three states away. There are so many reasons for moving. Yet, moving house is one of the most stressful things that someone can undergo.

10 Things To Make Moving Smoother

Here are 10 things you need to know before embarking on your move:

  1. Get multiple moving estimates. The price for a typical move can vary quite a bit from mover to mover. Taking the first estimate you get could cost you a lot of money.

  2. Check out each moving company carefully. The company should provide references on demand. You should speak with each reference personally. Call the BBB in the area and go online to read reviews.

  3. Hire movers based on track record, not the lowest price. You may get a mover that gives you an insanely low bid. That is actually a warning sign that something is not right with the bid.

  4. Do not accept any moving estimate without an in-person visit. An over-the-phone estimate will not be accurate. A mover needs to see what you have to move to give you an accurate estimate.

  5. Verify that the moving estimate is binding. The estimate should be in writing and contain the signature from an authorized agent. If the estimate is binding, you should expect to pay no more than 10 percent above the estimate.

  6. Always deal directly with the moving companies, not brokers. If you are dealing with a broker, you will pay extra to cover his fees. Know who you are dealing with.

  7. Get a receipt for the weight. The movers will need to go over a weight scale at some point in their journey. Request a receipt to show the actual weight of the load.

  8. Be flexible. The movers will tell you the approximate time they will arrive. Traffic and other circumstances may make that time vary.

  9. The moving team should include at least two people. Loading and unloading a truck with one person is dangerous and will take too much time. Verify the moving team size before signing a contract.

  10. Know your options if your move load is held hostage. Some unscrupulous movers will refuse to unload the truck until you pay more money. If this happens, call the police to get a report of the situation. You can also call the American Moving & Storage Association, or Move Rescue for help.

Taking the time to prepare for the move will save you time, money, and hassle throughout the process. If you need storage space during your move, give us a call here at Move It Self Storage.


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