10 Classroom Organization Tips To Make The School Year Easier

August 11, 2015

It won’t be long until the lazy days of summer are once again behind us, and the kids will be headed off to school. If you’re a teacher, (or homeschool parent), that means now is the time to start preparing your classroom. Here are 10 easy tips for organizing your classroom that will help you start the new school year off right.

1. Color code scraps of construction paper by placing them in magazine files that contain the appropriate colored dot or sticker.
2. Decorate soup cans with contact paper, and then use them to hold pencils, pens, crayons, and markers. You could even mark one can with “sharpen” and another with “unsharpened” to make finding pencils much easier.
3. Keep an old tissue box full of plastic shopping bags near your desk. Use them to send home artwork that hasn’t dried, or to cover umbrellas or boots whenever children come in from the rain.
4. Use a hanging file folder box to keep “master” copies of worksheets you regularly reproduce. That way, you can file away extras until next year if you accidentally make too many copies.
5. Hold bulletin board borders together with a binder clip to keep them together. You can then hang this binder clip from a sticky hook. This will prevent the borders from curling up, and will also help you see at a glance where everything is.
6. Cardboard tubes make perfect holders for computer cords, and can even be colored or covered with contact paper to make them more decorative.
7. Ask parents to donate a few old cookie sheets to use when cutting out small pieces of paper. Children can do their projects on these sheets, and the slightly raised edges will keep a great deal of paper off the floor.
8. Keep two trays on your desk, one for items that must be turned into the office such as lunch money, and the other for notes from parents.
9. Print address labels with your name and classroom identification on them to use as markers for library books, toys, etc.
10. Find creative storage solutions for school supplies. Baskets, buckets, vases and even old tackle boxes are all great for storing things, and can often be obtained for little or no cost.
Organizing your classroom will be much easier to do when you’ve decluttered it first. If you’re in need of storage space for Christmas decorations or other seasonal items for your classroom, contact Move it Self Storage.

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